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WomANZ Spotlight: Victoria Geo-Organiser Daenifae

17 March 2019

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We had the opportunity to reach out to Daenifae to find out more about who she is and how she got involved with WomANZ.

By day, Daenifae, is a full-time technical writer in the software development space. During her down-time she enjoys being a casual streamer. It is through her love of gaming, she became involved in content creation on Twitch. She enjoys streaming relaxing games such as Skyrim and Stardew Valley.

Despite classifying herself as an introvert, she loves connecting with others. As well as helping them out as best as she can. This is demonstrated through her stream which she nurtures as a safe and welcoming environment for all. (Her only known weaknesses are coffee and a good ol’ gin and tonic.)

We asked Daenifae about what her thoughts were about the landscape for women in the industry. As well as how she got to where she currently is.

What advice would you have for people looking to get into a position like yours? Do you have any words of encouragement?

I have re-evaluated streaming a few times since I started. It’s important to check your motivations. Try not to get into the mindset of what everyone else expects from you. I don’t ever expect streaming to become a full-time gig for me. It’s a hobby, something I enjoy that has connected me to people around the world and that has enriched my life. Yet (especially in the early stages) I became led down a rabbit hole of ‘you must do this to be successful!’ I forgot what my own personal definition of success is, which is being happy and finding the right balance. My advice is to be clear and honest with yourself with what you want to get out of it, and then base your approach on that. For me, it is about taking ownership and enjoying my hobby. Own what you do, treat it like any other goal, get coaching and help and be open to feedback, ideas and challenges. Make it whatever you want to get out of it, and don’t be afraid to work for it (or accept that you don’t want to and that is okay too!)

What do you think the landscape is like now for women in esports/gaming/content creation?

It is harder than it should be, but more promising and optimistic than I expected. I’ve had some negative experiences as a gamer. The first lot of trolls I ever encountered tipped my viewer average into affiliate territory, so there are positives to it too. Yet, the community that forms around being a female in the industry is inspirational. WomANZ has highlighted some of the best in people and what they are capable of. Both for the members, and the supporters. It’s a hopeful place in the face of any challenges, and there is a heap of support through the connections you can make.

Do you think there are any barriers to entry for women within the esports/gaming/content creation industry now?

The barrier for entry in general (across content creation and gaming) is lower than ever before. Often, it’s a case of resilience in the face of issues that shouldn’t be there. I would still love to see some creative takes on other games to widen the scope a little – like the Stardew Valley competition. Fantastic idea and opens up a whole range of new potential.

Who is a woman within this industry who inspires you?

I’d have to say Stephanie Bendixsen (Hex). I first encountered her through Good Game, and I am inspired by how much she has accomplished. Her latest accomplishments with National Geographic are an inspiration.

What do you like about the WomANZ community and what does it mean to you?

It means a lot! I’m an anxiety, riddled introvert. I don’t always get out as much as I should, but I love seeing and hearing how much support there as well as seeing all the friendships forming. I also love that the WomANZ community has helped me to feel connected to the Australian community on Twitch, make friends I would likely have never made, and connect to local streamers who are going through similar experiences. I have met some amazing people and had the opportunity to do my first charity stream because of this community. I also love that there is so much respect within the group – not to say there is not disagreements because we all have our own opinions but there is always an underlying respect. Especially for a community that is volunteer run, it’s so hard to build and manage this and it’s a credit to the team for building such a strong, clear foundation.

What are you most excited about being a geo-organiser for WomANZ?

I’m excited to help people connect, find new friends and feel less lonely. When you struggle with anxiety you have a different perspective and are sometimes more attuned to things that could make people feel excluded or less comfortable. WomANZ is such an open and welcoming community that I look forward to being able to help ensure our events have the same vibe – a safe place for women to connect and meet up and grow new friendships.

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