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WomANZ Spotlight: South Australia Geo-Organiser Little Arty

21 March 2019

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We had the opportunity to reach out to Little Arty to find out more about who she is and how she got involved with WomANZ.

Little Arty is a professional artist and content creator on Twitch. Her art is defined by minimalism, focusing on both the figurative and abstract forms.When she isn’t drawing, she is either cooking, at the beach or doing some yoga.We hear that her weaknesses are pasta and dark chocolate. You can also find her drinking a double shot mocha latte (iced in summer).

We asked Little Arty about what her thoughts were about the landscape for women in the industry. As well as how she got to where she currently is.

WomANZ: What is your level of involvement in the esports/gaming/content creation industry?

Little Arty: I am one of the community leaders in the Twitch Adelaide Community. My role involves arranging meetups, charity streaming events, social media posts and Discord management. Recently I was given the opportunity to co-manage the WomANZ South Australia meetups.

I also broadcast on CheckPointOrg’s Twitch channel. I stream from my home art studio – it’s a way of sharing art with more people and inspiring them to be creative.

How did you get into content creation?

I discovered Twitch in late 2016, my partner was watching FemSteph, I remember thinking, “WOW! That’s pretty cool!”

I then discovered Sezzadactyl and Linvalin a few months in, but I was watching gamers like ChloeFox and Raejayy.

Whilst in my art studio, I began to wonder if I could stream art. I did A LOT of research, asked streamers I watched and then started my own channel. It was a very shoe string setup. I made very rudimentary graphics with a mouse, very basic webcam, a laptop that was a tad old for streaming and no NBN.

What advice would you have for people looking to get into a position like yours? Do you have any words of encouragement?

Do it for the right reasons, be genuine, have integrity and most have fun! You can stream on a budget, research and shop smart for equipment. Also find your local Twitch community – I got a lot of help from the Twitch Adelaide Community starting out. But more than that, I have made a lot of friends by going to meetups.

What do you think the landscape is like now for women in esports/gaming/content creation?

The WomANZ community leadership team is working hard to get more coverage for underrepresented content creators from Australia and New Zealand.

Do you think there are any barriers to entry for women within the esports/gaming/content creation industry now?

Yes, the cultural expectations of what it is to be feminine and successful and combining that with the depiction of esports/gaming/content creation leave much to be desired.

Who is a woman within this industry who inspires you?

There are many that I would like to mention that have encouraged and supported me with my journey. But if I had to pick one, it would be LadyHana (also known as MrsWyld).

She always has time to chat at a community meetup, share a story. Her depth and variety of content on her Twitch channel is remarkable.

What do you like about the WomANZ community and what does it mean to you?

I have yet to come across such a feminine empowering community and it’s members are supportive of one another.

What are you most excited about being a geo-organiser for WomANZ?

Working with Maid Mama to provide our community members in South Australia with an environment that helps them build and maintain friendships with one another.

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