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Spotlight: New Zealand Geo-Organiser MissPotter

13 March 2019

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We had the opportunity to reach out to Miss Potter to find out more about who she is and how she got involved with WomANZ.

Amy Potter aka Miss Potter finds her motivation through coffee and cheese scones. (NO REALLY! Check out the section of her website all about cheese scones.)

In her spare she is a content creator. She has a heavy focus on The Sims 4. By day she works for LetsPlay.Live, as an Oceanic esports broadcaster.

She has also been a gamer ever since she could hold a controller, with the Sega Mega Drive being her first love. Her gaming soulmate will always be The Sims 4, which she’s played since launch.

In 2014, she co-founded a company in the gaming industry. Consequently, she ended up producing A LOT of gaming content as part of their marketing strategy. In turn this grew her love for gaming as a whole! Although the company is no longer around, her passion lives on as a streamer. (You can find her channel here).

She has been working in esports full time since January 2018. As well as working on and off with the LetsPlay.Live crew for the past several years.

We asked Amy what her thoughts were about the landscape for women in the industry. As well as how she got to where she currently is.

What advice would you have for people looking to get into a position like yours? Do you have any words of encouragement?

Seek out opportunities to do more of what drives your passion. Don’t be afraid to approach people with questions. Everything nowadays is online focused. This means establishing a solid online personality you can be proud of is important! How you do this and what kind of content you create isn’t as important. Creating content you love are passionate about will always shine through. The fact that this world is so online means it’s easy to connect and engage with people you look up to. Do this in an authentic way, be eager to learn, and always think about what you can offer to help others.

What do you think the landscape is like now for women in esports/gaming/content creation?

Under-represented people are fighting to make their presence in the games industry careers known. This can be very lonely and intimidating. If you can, seek out people who will support you, those who you can turn to for advice! Where possible, stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before you to lessen the feeling of being alone. Don’t feel obligated to fight battles you don’t have the energy for, and don’t stay anywhere you feel the need to apologise for.

Do you think there are any barriers to entry for women within the esports/gaming/content creation industry now?

I don’t think there are any barriers to entry for women, above or beyond any socioeconomic barriers that exist separate to gender. The main problem I perceive is lack of visible role models. Finding a place that you can feel like you belong in as a woman has always been something I struggled with in this industry. It’s isolating to be the only woman on a team, it’s exhausting to fight for equality, and these are still things women encounter in their day to day work-life in these industries. I find rather than a barrier to entry being the problem, we need to focus on keeping the women who do enter these industries in them.

Who is a woman within this industry who inspires you?

This is such a tough question! Through my career I have been lucky to come across so many inspiring women that this question is difficult to answer, and that makes me happy. If I am forced to pick, I would say Aureylian (Twitch Community Marketing and Content Creator) for her ability to work across so many different facets of games, marketing, esports and content creation while still finding time to support so many different causes and initiatives.

Closer to home, Ally McLean (Australian ex-cosplayer, game developer, and now CEO of The Working Lunch games industry mentorship program) is an absolute daily inspiration to me. As someone who is struggles daily managing many passions in the sphere of the games industry, seeing powerful women such as these two manage to Do It All™️ always fills me with so much inspiration to keep on my daily grinds.

What do you like about the WomANZ community and what does it mean to you?

I love that WomANZ is a place to feel like I belong. WomANZ lessens feeling isolated, by giving me a place to be myself, and share my passions with like-minded individuals who understand my world view

What are you most excited about being a geo-organiser for WomANZ?

As much as I adore spending time on the internet, I always feel invigorated and recharged after hanging out with like-minded individuals in real life. To be able to better get to know the kiwi community, ease all sorts of connections among members in NZ, and create some fun shared experiences!


Keep updated with all things Miss Potter:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/hellomisspotter

Instagram: www.instagram.com/hellomisspotter

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/hellomisspotter

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