WomANZ Spotlight: New South Wales Geo-Organiser Evie Blanche

17 April 2019

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Evie, otherwise known as Emma, is our Geo-Organiser for New South Wales. A lover of coffee, wine, books, music, crafting and gaming of course… (Who also plays D&D.) She has joined the team to oversee and run the events for this geo-location.

How are you involved in gaming/esports/content creation?
Evie: I stream on Twitch, and create extra gaming content for YouTube.
I started streaming in March 2018, and immediately fell in love with the community interaction it provided. I started taking it seriously after a few months and now I try to stream at least 4 times a week.


What advice would you have for people looking to get into a place like yours? Do you have any words of encouragement?
Enjoy what you’re doing, interact with your audience and do it because you love it. It’s easy to get caught up in numbers and growth, but try to keep your focus on the reasons you began streaming in the first place.


What do you think the landscape is like now for women in esports/gaming/content creation?
The landscape is definitely expanding, especially when compared to even 10 years ago. We’re seeing more women getting into esports, and a lot more female content creators than there have been before. It’s a very exciting time for women in the gaming industry.


Do you think there are any barriers to entry for women within the esports/gaming/content creation industry at the moment?
The main barrier is the most obvious one – women in gaming are as likely as men to receive negative or threatening comments, if not more so. Unfortunately this could deter anyone looking to get into the industry.


Who is a woman within this industry who inspires you?
It’s so hard to pick one! The creation of the WomANZ community though means that I can’t go past our own lovely Naysy. Along with being one of the first streamers I ever watched, she has created such a force with this community, allowing women to allow each other and themselves within the gaming industry. If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is!


What do you like about the WomANZ community and what does it mean to you?
The WomANZ community has given me so many wonderful things – opportunities to meet and engage with others in the gaming sphere, a place to come for advice or feedback when I need it, and hundreds of shoulders always willing to offer moral support.
This community to me is about women supporting each other and forming real and lasting friendships. Before joining at its start, I was a very solitary person – I felt a little lost and didn’t know many people with common interests. In less than a year I’ve found the support and encouragement I needed to get out and start living life again, and I’ve never been happier.


What are you excited about being a Geo-Organiser for WomANZ?
I’m very excited to be more involved in the community, especially when it comes to helping to give ways for women to interact and enjoy each others company in both a social or professional setting. WomANZ has had such a lasting impact on me, that I’m looking forward to being able to help give similar opportunities to others.


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