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WomANZ + Patch Partnership

15 March 2019

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PatchGaming seeks to reach out to and connect with people who are suffering from mental illnesses and create a community’s in which they can interact with others who are also suffering from similar issues.

We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with PatchGaming!!!

PatchGaming’s goal is to create an environment which provides an outlet for all its members to express themselves, be accepted, and reduce stigma in mental health. They do this with a focus on games that people can play together, and to connect gamers with like-minded individuals, whom they can talk, play, and relate with in a place that encourages positivity and acceptance. Patch Gaming has a Discord that you can join where you can reach out and discuss things you are struggling with.


We want to create the best support for our community and that means providing resources that are specialised in providing support.

We will be working closely with Patch Gaming to connect our members and working towards upskilling our team to better support our community.

We will be creating an external role in the Discord. This is to facilitate non-members (men) joining the discord so they can easily communicate with the team internally. They will only have access to the specified external channels. We may also use this role in the future for potential discord seminars etc.

Website: https://www.patchgaming.org/

Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/patchgaming

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PatchGaming_

Patch Rules: https://www.patchgaming.org/rules

Terms and Conditions: https://www.patchgaming.org/terms-and-conditions

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