TransTracks, there is now an app to keep you on track!

19 July 2019

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TransTracks has pulled out of the station and developer, Cassie Wilson has given the app the all clear for public release. The app aims to assist people who are transitioning. She stepped aboard after realising the only apps for transgender people were generally related to dating. After a lengthy stopover at Reddit, Cassie found a post asking for developers to work on a transition tracking app and this is where TransTracks was born.

In order to be a truly useful app, only the right developer would do. Thankfully, Cassie has been conducting mobile development for iOS and Android for 7+ years now and has been in the dev industry for 11.

“The goal for TransTracks has always been to make it easier for transgender people to track their transitions in a way that works for them. For a lot of people having the ability to quickly look back at their progress and see how far they have come is vital. The app can be a tool for people to help reduce their dysphoria.”

The apps many amazing features reflect Cassie’s vision. From the photographic timelines, to the ability to disguise the app as an actual train schedule. TransTracks offers the platform that many transitioning people may need to keep chugging forward. It’s been full steam ahead for Cassie over the last 11 months and the hard work has definitely paid off. She’s not finished yet though and is still in the workshop conducting upgrades to bring further improvements down the line.

“I have a long list of ways to improve the application and expand what it can do. I plan to keep working on it in my spare time so that it can continue to help people. The biggest challenge I’m tackling at the moment is adding ways for people to back up their information and keep it safe.”

This project has been fueled by passion, as Cassie used any spare time she had to develop it. The availability of the app also shows Cassie’s true heart.TransTracks is free, available worldwide and is on both iOS and Android platforms.

“When designing the app I have always been mindful of the community I am building it for. LBGT+ individuals can be some of the most disadvantaged people in our community, especially when we look at intersectionality with other minority and/or disadvantaged groups. Building a tool like TransTracks I knew that I wanted the app to be available for most people and to provide the functionality to those who couldn’t afford to support it monetarily. A free app supported by ads is the best option to provide that. A good example of this is the backup system I am working on at the moment. I’ll be adding paid accounts with automatic cloud backups for all the photos and info in the app. These paid accounts will be as low cost as I can make them, however, I will also be adding in manual ways of backing up and restoring data for the users who can’t afford the subscription cost. I’m not expecting to really make any money off this app, but I do need to be able to cover my costs: designs, hosting, etc.”

Cassie Wilson has created an amazing app that is sure to help and enrich the lives of many people. Without derailing this message with any more terrible train puns, if you know of someone who may benefit from TransTracks, don’t be a caboose! Share the app with them today!

Thank you so much to Cassie Wilson for allowing me to interview her.





*not sorry for puns*

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