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4 November 2019

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In a world full of beauty gurus and youtube tutorials make up has become more mainstream than ever before. From Kardashians to Jeffree Stars it seems everyone is flooding the market with pigments of every flavour. But how does one know where to purchase the best product at an affordable price? Well, friends, have I got news for you!

In my 20-odd years experimenting with make-up it’s difficult to express exactly how much I love ColourPop Cosmetics. This cruelty-free company based in Los Angeles is known for its affordable products and their constant collaboration with many YouTube beauty gurus. Even though I only discovered them last year, (thanks to several aforementioned beauty gurus,) the company has been around since 2013.

As a content creator, it is super important that I have make-up which not only looks good but actually shows up on camera.

With this in mind, I’ve dug out my absolute favourite products that you can still purchase today, so you too may become a ColourPop convert like me. Come on a journey, and become one of us!

Nothing shady about this range!


1 – Liquid Matte Lips

This formula is to die for. For only $6 USD each it’s hard not to get carried away and end up with as many shades as I have, which is only 36. That isn’t a lot… (I don’t have a problem, ok?)

I’m someone who suffers from extremely dry lips that have a tendency to ‘peel’ whenever I use certain lipsticks. Not with ColourPop. They stay, they’re matte and holy heck are they pigmented!

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How can you not want this?

2 – Glitter

90’s fashion is back. And thank fuck for the glitter! The super glitter collection at the moment is divine. I picked up a few pots in differing shades, and they are so much better than I anticipated. I will note that they can be a little irritating on application around the eye area, but I didn’t have any long-lasting issues. When applying to the cheekbones though there was no irritation and it looked fabulous!

MrsLlante Recommends: UR A FIREWORK

Just cover me in glitter already?

3 – Disney Palettes

Look at my stuff, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my palette collections complete? Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl, the girl who has too much make-up?

Never… You can never have too many shades to play with when you are creating art on your face. Am I a Disney fan? Yes. Did I buy this just because it was Disney and didn’t really look at the shades? Yes, yes I did. Did I regret my purchase? No. Why? Because these palettes are gorgeous, fluid and magical. I’ve been able to create so many different looks with them, both together and separately. From the mattes to shimmers, these babies are a must have! Do yourself a favour and grab them both before they’re gone!

MrsLlante Recommends: Disney Palettes

A new range just dropped too! HOLD ME BACK!

4 – Brushes

Let’s get down to the basics, shall we? None of these products are going to work well without the right equipment. With 5 brush packs for $20 USD there is no reason to go to eBay and buy cheapies. The ColourPop bristles are ridiculously soft, durable and apply and blend so amazingly. I cannot even begin to tell you how brushes have changed my life. Get yourself a tapered blending brush, and one of each medium + small packing brush.

MrsLlante Recommends: Mad About Hue Brush Set

Oh ColourPop… I am mad about hue too!

5 – Blotted Lip

Ok ok ok. I added another liquid lipstick. Sue me. Or don’t. I bought a blotted lip because I had no idea what it was, and I was curious. Blotted lips are a really thin liquid that looks like you literally just blotted your lip and it’s lightly stained. It feels like I’m wearing nothing at all, plus it sticks all day. Nicer than a stain, and lighter than a matte. Perfect for a daily look!

MrsLlante Recommends: SLIDE

That reminds me, I’m almost out! Have to buy more, sorry wife!

Hopefully, this helps you start your deep dive into the ColourPop Revolution, 5 amazing products that will give you a sampling of the awesomeness! With free international shipping when you spend $50, what are you waiting for? Oh, wait… How about a 20% off coupon code?

Are you a ColourPop fan? Make sure you send me a pic of your gorgeous faces covered in pigment and glitter! You can actually @ me on that one! Find me on Twitter and Instagram!

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