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The community is focused around professional discussion and networking. If you believe you have a skill or experience that can positively contribute to the community, we would love to have you. 😃

No, however, the WomANZ Twitch team allows members to easily locate and support each other while on the platform. It’s not designed for exposure. We want to support you and your journey in personal growth. It’s entirely optional to join the Twitch team and WomANZ does not provide additional support on Twitch outside the use of the team.

  • Facilitate a welcoming community Discord where you can discuss career challenges and concerns with your peers.
  • Organise community meetups and events where you can connect and network with other women in a positive and approachable environment.
  • Share resources and tips on industry best practices to help grow your knowledge and confidence in the field.
  • Provide access to opportunities such as panels, showcases, brand campaigns and industry news and opportunities.
  • Facilitate a Twitch team to help identify and collaborate with your peers.
  • Explore ways to meaningfully amplify women in the industry via our various platforms.

The games industry is dominated by men. We wanted to create a space for women to meet other women in the gaming, esports and content creation industry. We hope this discord creates an approachable space that women can feel relaxed to have professional discussion without fear of judgement or criticism. We always welcome male partners to come along to our meetups and to get to know the community.

Periodically, the WomANZ team will open up opportunities to become a team member. This is a voluntary position to help members gain experience and exposure in their chosen career path. We encourage current and past team members to add us as a reference on their LinkedIn profile pages to reflect their contributions on a professional level.

Our team is made up of individuals who enthusiastically choose to volunteer their time to help WomANZ. We try and have different voices from varying backgrounds on our team to help facilitate a diverse team. We will always bring more voices onto the team. These roles usually go to those who have passionately dedicated their time and displayed eagerness to get involved and who share the WomANZ values.

If you are interested in one of these positions, or can bring something else to the table, please get in touch with us.

Absolutely. We are a women focused community which means there is gendered language and discussion that occurs in our discord. We understand that our peers may have gendered experiences and encourage anyone who feels that may benefit from the community, to apply to join.

WomANZ is run entirely by volunteers who are passionate about the industry. From time to time we may try and provide sponsored networking events or explore opportunities that help cover administration costs.

Of course! WomANZ is unapologetically empowered for women by women! That means all women are welcome.

We focus on facilitating a discord for professional discussion and creating events and opportunities. 

If you are having issues with someone on social media our members may be able to provide some emotional support. 

We do not, however, have any governing power beyond that. We have access to a long list of services and providers that we may refer you to. We may have articles and updates in the discord to help you protect your privacy. 

If you are struggling with an individual in the industry we can help provide resources to point you in the right direction but will not take action for you. You can use the discord to gain advice from your peers but any witch hunting that occurs in the Discord will be removed.

We ask that you email hello@womanz.com.au with a breakdown of the situation and how you believe this person has broken our community rules and guidelines or doesn’t represent WomANZ in a positive light. 

Please attach VOD’s, screenshots, clips, links, timestamps etc which will help us investigate the issue. 

If appropriate we may issue warnings, put this person on probation, or remove them from WomANZ entirely. The team may or may not report the outcome of the situation. We do not get involved in personal conflicts. We will always do our best to provide resources on the best avenues for support.

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