Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

WomANZ has rules and guidelines in place to keep the community a positive, productive and collaborative space.


WomANZ is a collaborative community of content creators, competitive gamers and professionals in the gaming industry in Australia and New Zealand. Our mission is to create opportunities and events for women to network and support each other to grow in their careers.

We foster a positive community spirit through participation, volunteerism and co-operation and provide opportunities for growth, networking and education to help contribute to diversifying the industry. We facilitate a Discord for professional discussion and to easily allow women to connect and support each other and communicate important events, resources and opportunities within the industry.

The WomANZ Twitch team allows members to easily locate and support each other while on the platform. This is entirely optional to join and WomANZ does not provide additional support on Twitch outside the use of the team.   


We are a professionally focused community aimed at supporting women in their careers, and ultimately aiding in the diversification of the professional gaming industry. We aim to achieve this through;

    • Supporting women to gain confidence and access opportunities from varied experiences in their careers
    • Boosting the overall profile of women in the gaming industry
    • Support women as future role models and mentors within the industry
    • Promote access and opportunities for women in existing and new arenas
    • Facilitate connections and friendships



WomANZ is a volunteer initiative, the aim of the moderators and admin will be to keep the collaborative space friendly and professional. Moderators and Admins reserve the right to remove members or not accept applications from those who do not abide by the community guidelines. The moderators will intervene based on discussions that they see within the Discord, so please follow the rules. They will not take action or get involved with personal conflicts that may occur between members, or with individuals outside of the Discord. We encourage you to read the Helpful Articles page to understand best ways to deal with conflicts or harassment. 

If you have a disagreement with a community member we encourage that you discuss the matter with them. Let them know how their behaviour has made you feel and how you don’t think it’s appropriate. If you believe their behaviour to be in breach of the terms of service in which the incident occurred,  report their channel on the appropriate networks. Don’t target this individual as it draws attention to the situation and can be seen as harassment.

As a member of WomANZ, you are representing the community and may risk being removed from the community if your public behaviour online does not abide by the community guidelines. If you see a member displaying behaviour that does not abide with the community guidelines or the terms of service of the platform they are engaging on, please send an email with links (clips/vods/tweets) and context to The moderators will investigate the issue and may issue warnings or take action depending on the severity. The moderators may or may not communicate the final outcome of the investigation. Admins and moderators will not engage with those who have been banned.

Please be mindful that the admins and moderators volunteer their time outside of their jobs and lives to help run WomANZ. They are not trained counsellors, mediators or legal specialists and cannot provide advice on these matters.



  • The community is NOT a platform for self promotion or exposure. We focus on creating a professional and supportive community to help members explore the best avenues and resources to grow their career.
  • We do not tolerate any hateful conduct in the Discord that facilitates discrimination against religion, race, ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability.
  • We do not tolerate any hateful conduct displayed on your public profiles (Twitch, Twitter, Instagram etc) that facilitates discrimination against religion, race, ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability.
  • We follow the terms of service or the platforms that community members engage in (e.g Twitch TOS). If members are seen in breach of these rules, you risk being removed from the WomANZ community.
  • This is a professional and positive community. Please refrain from arguing with other members. This also includes conversations that may be insensitive to others.  If an argument occurs in the Discord, you will be advised to continue your argument elsewhere or to cease the conversation. Moderators will issue warnings to those who argue with others or continue to discuss topics that others find insensitive or distressing. If issues continue, you may risk being temporarily kicked or banned from the WomANZ community.
  • Respect other members in the community. We foster a positive and diverse community and expect members to be considerate to others.
  • This community does not promote or encourage “witch hunting”. If someone has wronged you, we encourage you to ban and report. Do not encourage members of the community to hunt down the person and harass them online. These posts will be deleted if this occurs.
  • Please don’t headhunt people in the community for events or articles. If you do have an event you would like community involvement with or are writing an article, please email or ask Admins for permission before posting. We want this to be a supportive community and don’t want people to feel like their shared experiences might be exploited.

Do not share/screenshot information discussed or shared in the community. You agree to not use any shared experiences disclosed for personal, professional or financial gain.

  • Be thoughtful when sharing newsworthy events or discussing certain topics as some may find it distressing. Please use content warnings or spoilers when discussing these topics.
  • Help us keep the community positive and productive. We’re always growing and learning and love feedback on how we can make WomANZ better. This is a collaborative initiative and can only grow from mixed insights and experiences.
  • Please be considerate of the members who volunteer their time to run WomANZ. Their time dedicated to WomANZ is never expected but always appreciated.


This is a growing document and may be updated from time to time. Last updated 02/04/2019

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