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Catichka’s hot take – BRIMSTONE BRAWLERS – time to smash Matty down

12 October 2019

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You’re at PAX. All your friends are here. Yeah, its cool to wait in a 2-hour line to go check out something else, but man you guys are just fucking itching to play something.

Maybe someone in your group started up their PAX elite shit-talking about a month ago, and you really just want to put that mouth in its place.

Maybe you just need to go and find something you can take them down in and show once and for all you really are better at controller-fu than they are.

Then, as if some serendipitous God of gaming themselves lightly tapped your shoulder, you turn around and see…

Brimstone Brawlers is, as predicted, my hands down favourite for Indie PAX this year. Set in a picturesque Victorian setting, featuring a dilapidated city-scape full of peculiar brawlers, this hard and fast small area brawler will have you itching for the next round.

The mechanics are easy to pick up, and there is a diverse set of brawlers to choose from. Everything from Battle Priests to Plague Doctors. Alchemists; featuring mixing vials to create new attacks on the fly. Vampires; the engineer with her massive steel rod of spanner. A countess with a perchance for thorns… and of course, the meat wielding clever throwing butcher (and many, many more.)


Ategig has a sweet set-up in stand – up to 4 players and short rounds equals quick turn arounds. All with a full 4k screen, so you can watch your brawlers destroy each other in full high def. You can find the Brimstone Brawlers stand in PAX rising, to the right of the right-hand side main entrance, gate one. (GO RIIIIIGHT).

Ategig, Matty3D, and Kaydos will be there ready to help you tap into the world of nightmares. They have a bunch of beta keys to give away, and some sweet t-shirts to sell. If you want to try your luck and fight me online, go and hit them up! You can sign up for the beta online here.

(Full disclosure – I have been alpha testing this game. And yes, I fucking love it.)

I had a chance to sit down with Ategig and talk to him about the highs and lows of being an indie dev in Australia, and his motivation for creating this beautiful and addictive masterpiece. You can hear the full interview here.

Come find me in PAX Indie Land!

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