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Application Guidelines

WomANZ is an initiative designed to create connections, events and opportunities for women in content creation and esports across Australia and New Zealand.

WomANZ endeavors to support and empower women in the Australian and New Zealand gaming community to grow in their careers. We want to see a community of strong and confident women that help contribute to diversifying the games industry and amplifying amazing role models for future generations.

We facilitate a professional Discord for women in content creation and esports where they can come together to network and discuss challenges and concerns that they’re having with their career. The Discord allows women to easily connect and support each other and communicate important events, resources and opportunities within the industry.

The WomANZ Twitch team allows members to easily locate and support each other while on the platform. It’s not designed for exposure. We want to support you and your journey in personal growth. It’s entirely optional to join the Twitch team and WomANZ does not provide additional support on Twitch outside the use of the team.


We are a professionally focused community aimed at supporting women in their careers, and ultimately aiding in the diversification of the professional gaming industry. We aim to achieve this through;

  • To create a space for women in the gaming industry where women can discuss challenges and concerns and gain advice from others in the industry
  • To create events and opportunities that help women grow in their career
  • To share knowledge and experience around best practices by creating resources for the industry
  • Help women gain confidence to stand up to online abuse through the strength of community support.
  • A welcoming community where you can discuss career challenges you’re struggling with
  • A positive community focused on supporting women. While this community is a women focused initiative we are welcoming to non-binary folk or anyone who feels they would benefit from the community.
  • Occasional community based events and meetups

Team invites are sent out manually by Naysy. She tries to send out invites once a week. Make sure to check your junk mail and your dashboard under channel settings. The team is there to allow everyone to easily support and find each other. It’s not designed for exposure. WomANZ is not affiliated with Twitch


I'm not in Australia or New Zealand. Can I apply?

Unfortunately not, this is an Australian and New Zealand focused initiative. We encourage you to look for similar communities in your country. If you’re from Australia or New Zealand but living overseas you’re welcome to join but please understand this is an ANZ focused initiative.

I'm new to streaming. Can I apply?

Of course! Please remember we focus on supporting the community with issues and challenges regarding streaming and the industry. This is NOT a community to learn how to stream, self-promote or ask how to get more viewers.

I’m not a woman, can I apply?

This is a community for people who identify as women. Non-binary content creators are welcomed to apply if they see value in joining a women focused initiative.

How do you assess applications?

We look at your Twitch/YouTube/social channels to determine you are someone taking part in the gaming scene in some capacity. If we can’t confirm your identity you won’t be approved so add as much detail as possible.

Anyone who displays signs of online bullying on social media or who don’t abide by platform terms of services will not be invited to the group.

I’m not a content creator, can I still apply?

Of course! We focus on content creators, competitive gamers and industry professionals but welcome anyone who would benefit or contribute to a woman ANZ-focused community.

I have someone who I want to invite to the community, what do I do?

Please get them to fill out this form. Likewise, if you were referred, we’d appreciate the name of your referee in the form below.

I have questions or don't feel comfortable sharing this information.

No worries! Please email womanz.gg@gmail.com or contact one our admins. Please remember that WomANZ is run by volunteers so processing applications are done in the admins free time so it can take a few days to hear from us.

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