WomANZ Spotlight: ACT Geo-Organiser The Grumpy Gamer

20 April 2019

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So you want to know a bit about me, a part-time streamer, full-time marketing person, I am also a slave to two Beagles and a boss of my husband, when I’m not streaming, or working, or attempting to be an adult, you’ll find me browsing Netflix and adding more shows and movies to my watch list (it never shrinks) or I’ll be hanging out in games like FFXIV, Ark or Civ.

It’s hard to define what motivates me, but I’m driven by creating content for others to enjoy and appreciate. I also enjoy building on the connections and friendships that I have made within the community.

My favourite food now would have to be a toss up between chocolate, and anything with pasta in it. Particularly a good carbonara. I don’t really have a soft spot for a drink, but most of the time you will find me with a black coffee. Though, I do love a good Gin & Tonic.

How are you involved in gaming/esports/content creation?

I am a casual twitch streamer, mod, and member of several gaming communities.

My enjoyment of gaming started when I was a small kid with a Gameboy Pocket, from there it morphed from handheld, to console, to PC Gaming. I’m not entirely sure why I wanted to get into Twitch streaming. I think it was originally off the back of a grand idea that I could make it big on the internet (that thought process has certainly changed over the past two years). I originally started streaming Destiny 2 when it was released, as well as the Sims and Dota. Since becoming an affiliate my perspective of what it means to be a streamer has certainly changed, and now enjoy streaming for the social interaction, and the enjoyment I get out hanging with other like-minded people.

What advice would you have for people looking to get into a place like yours? Do you have any words of encouragement?

This is probably going to be simply and blunt advice, but don’t do it for the money! Stream of the fun and community connections that you will make. If you aren’t enjoying it, take a break reassess and then start again, and don’t focus on the numbers, focus on creating engaging content that people will enjoy.

What do you think the landscape is like now for women in esports/gaming/content creation?

I think the landscape in the gaming/esport communities is starting to change, and women are starting to be taken a lot more seriously in their chosen fields. It’s great to be a part of the positive change and I can’t wait to see what women in the gaming industry can carry out.

Do you think there are any barriers to entry for women within the esports/gaming/content creation industry at the moment?

I think it is challenge for women to get a start in the industry, and I very much think it has to do with the fact that it has been very male dominated for so long. For me the main barrier was overcoming the idea of being a female streamer in and very male dominated community, but it is changing, and it’s becoming a lot easier to get a start in the industry.

Who is a woman within this industry who inspires you?

I really look up to Kelsey Gamble from Bethesda. Kelsey is an extremely inspiring person and what she has achieved within the industry is beyond amazing. It’s been so great being able to watch her career develop, as well as her drive and passion. I also look up to Ally Mclean and the amazing work she has done with the Working Lunch.

What do you like about the WomANZ community and what does it mean to you?

The best thing that I love about the WomANZ community is all the strong women in the community. It’s a safe place to be yourself, to get to know others, and to learn, grow, and develop within the industry. The community for me is a place where I can go and hang out with like-minded women, and just chat about anything or everything.

What are you excited about being a Geo-Organiser for WomANZ?

I am most excited about helping grow the female gaming community in the ACT as well as meeting like-minded women in life to hangout with. I can’t wait work with Birnabear to organise some awesome events in Canberra, and get to know all the amazing ACT women.

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