A Message for Mother’s Day

12 May 2019

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As mothers day approaches I want to share with you what it is like being a rather ‘alternative’ mother.

Firstly, I play video games with my kids. In fact, it was one of the first things they knew. Whilst breastfeeding I was grinding mats on Everquest 2, playing Dragon Ball Z with Wii-controllers while bouncing a baby to sleep and up late playing copious amounts of Supreme Commander 2 when she just needed to be held. Toddlers were harder to please, but I let them hold controllers and pretend they were helping me play. Now my two children are 10 and 11 years old and things have become much more fun over the years. We talk strategy, we play games together, we bond. I’d like to think of myself as a cool mum, but there are many ‘specialists’ out there who think I’ve got it all wrong. Regardless of public opinion on screen time, I’ve helped teach my children valuable lessons through gaming: problem solving, teamwork and even reading and writing skills. As a self professed ‘tech head’, I’ve sourced all the best educational both intentional and incidental games and programs. Most of the other parents I know don’t have that on me, regardless of how perfect their dinner parties are.

As far as I can see it, my children have the leg up in the tech world of tomorrow. They know how to code already, they have great problem solving skills, and their imaginations are still incredibly vast. My son completed both Portal 1 & 2 before he hit 10 years old, on his own, with his speech and language barriers. You bet this mumma is proud!

Secondly, mothers day advertisement are pretty unappealing. Apart from the obvious favourite of homemade pancakes, cards and crafts, the usual array of Mothers Day advertisement all over modern media only caters to a specific group of women. Maybe we can see a change? Can we get a sale on the latest PS4 releases? Move over pots and vacuum cleaners, mumma needs a new Razor Headset and the expansion to FFXIV (which, evidently, is my Mothers Day gift this year, thank you to me!) Some of my favourite gifts come from Zing, or EBGames, with Master Sword jewellery and Epona mugs. So, when buying for your mother this Mothers Day, forget the flowers. Buy her a copy of Skyrim and let her go nuts!

Lastly, I want to mention how amazing it is when you actually find someone who is like you, different from all the other parents in the school yard or playgroup. The ones that understand exactly what it is like staying up to 1am to raid that dungeon but then being so tired having to get up at 6am to get kids ready for school. The ones that don’t look at you weird when you talk to them about how annoyed you are that the next Pokemon release is on Switch and you will have to inevitably share your Switch with your kids so they can play, or else buy another one. Or understand the feeling of sitting in a car for 2 hours playing Fire Emblem while waiting for your child to finish their cheer class. Those are the kindred spirits we hunt for, and those that I have only recently found, after 10 excruciating years of searching. It’s all thanks to a group of amazing women I’ve met here at WomANZ.

So mummas out there, stand loud and proud! Don’t hide the fact you are a kick ass mum who can shoot noobs like nobody’s business. Come and join us, share with us your stories, let us band together as the strong and amazing women that we are!

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